The Movie

The untold story of Sacajawea...


Her journey begins...

The powerful emotion and purpose that drives this feature film will grab hearts everywhere -- and not let go. With the harrowing and rugged backdrop of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the "look and feel" of this film will rival  The Revenant... And, its awe-inspiring landscapes and magnificent, epic beauty will remind us of the momentous and unforgettable production of Dances With Wolves.

Windcatcher is the untold story of Sacajawea. Though most of us know her name, her life has never been depicted in a feature file. After more than 200 years, we are privileged in this generation to finally know the heart of this great spirit -- for we have given her a voice, and we will see history through her eyes.

Sacajawea is a mystery, yet she is relevant for today. She walked with joy and she walked with pain... from her deepest, darkest cave, we will learn about the power of light.

Windcatcher is based on a true story and inspired by the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition.