The legendary mystery of Sacajawea (Sacagawea/Sakakawea) has transcended through time until now.  You may wonder why this icon has not already been portrayed in film —  but with so little known about her it really is not surprising.

In 2003, Jane L. Fitzpatrick, began her journey to historically and creatively portray the legend of “Birdwoman.”  With unending documentation about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, Jane’s greatest struggle was to bring to the forefront this woman no one knows.  Yet, Jane felt she knew — on a deeper level.

It took four years of listening, researching, writing and re-writing.  In October of 2007, when Jane “put down her pen,” she wept from sheer emotion.  Sacajawea’s story, and her spirit, were now realized.

Jane has written this story in a way that has garnered the respect and attention from Lewis and Clark historians, veteran producers, actors, musicians, and, most importantly, the Shoshone and other Native American communities.

This website is ABOUT the Windcatcher, Sacajawea, and her spiritual quest to reveal the meaning of her life through a team of people dedicated to that quest.

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