UPDATE: We will be posting an updated casting sheet as it becomes available.  Please check back  often for details.

Windcatcher has attracted the attention of many talented actors.  With their permission, we have posted them here.

Gerald Auger (Award-winning), as Cameahwait – Shoshone Chief

Raoul Trujillo (Award-winning), as White Eagle – Hidatsa Chief

Georgina Lightning (Award-winning), as Otter Woman – wife of Charbonneau

Chris Ranney, as George Drouillard – hunter and sign-language expert

Cylk Cozart (Award-winning)), as Luther – Thomas Jefferson’s butler


In consideration:

Dennis Ambriz, reading for Raven Brave – Arikara Chief

Tim Maloney, reading for Rene’ Jessaume – Interpreter

Teri Lee, reading for Russian woman

Bobbi Jeen Olson, Stuntperson

Ben Clayton, reading for George Gibson – Corps Private

We can not make any promises regarding contracts at this time, since  our Casting Director will be the final say after auditions.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be considered, by emailing your headshot and resume to:



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