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Ronald Owen, Windcatcher Composer and Orchestrator

Ron Owen

We are honored to introduce Ronald Owen, the composer and music professional who will be heading up the music team for Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea. Ron’s passion for this project is thrilling as he shares the deepest heart of himself. The music team will include Native Americans and bring together an eclectic sound of the times — drums, flute, wind, animals…. a blend of rich and emotional compositions that will capture us to our very souls. Ron is a Dream Catcher. Read how he has followed his Call:
Dream Catcher Ron Owen —

Over this last year, I’ve had the inspiring opportunity to meet Ronald Owen, a creative and talented film composer andmusic professional. Ron has shared with me his passion for music and how he has built a meaningful career around this passion.

It was on LinkenIn that Ron first approached me about a major epic film project I was promoting. As we connected around the possibilities of his involvement in the project I saw a genuine and imaginative person who had the right motivation in his life. From his powerful musical compositions to his insightful knowing, this artist is following his heart and soul. The film industry is not always an easy road, but as you will see, Ronald Owen has never given up and he will continue to achieve great things. Read Ron’s words and let him inspire you…

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” ~ Plato

Jane Fitzpatrick: What is your background and story?

Ronald Owen: As a Southern Californian native surfing, surprisingly, became my inspiration and path toward a career in music composition. I combined the two at Pepperdine University, Malibu, where I received my B.A. in Music Composition and had the opportunity to study with Hansel Rayner, head of the Music Department and conductor of the Burbank Symphony Orchestra. He taught me the value of learning the music classics and once told me…

“It’s better for a marching band to play Mozart than never play Mozart at all.”

The natural experience of surfing along with the beautiful California vistas remained my inspiration as I continued my formal education at California State University, Northridge, where I received my M.A. in Music Composition.

Having lived and worked in Southern California; Seattle, Washington; Cleveland, Ohio; and now Orlando, Florida, I’m still drawing inspiration from the ocean and I’m challenged by other composers such as Mozart, Ravel or Ralph Vaughan Williams.

JF: How did you get involved in entertainment specifically and why did you make it a career?

RO: As a teenager I enjoyed writing songs for bands I played in, and for youth choral groups that toured during the summer. My first professional opportunity came to me while living in Cleveland when close friends and supporters encouraged me to produce my first stage musical, Mim, at The Public Auditorium. This was the first non-profit company I started, and it opened the door to many more musical projects. I love musicals and desire to use my creative gifts and talents to their fullest extent, this is why I’ve made it my career.

JF: What awards have you received?

RO: The most unexpected award I received was the Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year for my original score to the feature film, End Of The Spear. I didn’t even know I had been nominated, but I started to receive congratulatory emails from friends and family, only to find out I had won.

JF: Tell us about the process you’ve been through to garner attention for your work.

RO: Today, Social Media is a huge part of garnering attention. In my journey, I have also established many personal relationships with individuals in the music and entertainment industry by keeping in touch with colleagues and friends. This often brings about referrals and networking. Always make it a priority to maintain friendships and never burn bridges!

JF: Can you tell us about some of the people who have stepped up to support your efforts?

RO: The Martins, who spearheaded my first Board of Directors; The Kools, who launched Requiem for a Young Man; Bob, who hired me as Composer and Music Director for Ben Hur; Kevin, who gave me my first shot at a film score; Dayle, who opened her home for Board Meetings, rehearsals, and previews; Mart and Steve, who entrusted me with the music for an award winning film; Marv and Dave, who hired me as a Director of Production…and finally to my wife and two sons who I owe the most.

JF: What do you see developing in the future? Any further dreams?

RO: Every artist has a passion or a “passion project,” which they can’t let go. For me,Requiem For A Young Man remains my passion. I dream that this project will be produced and taken on a national tour.Requiem is a multi-genre musical stage work that incorporates elements of musical theatre, dance, oratorio, and opera.

I will also be heading up the music team for the spectacular and powerful film production, Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea. The passion and energy around this project is truly inspiring. We will be working closely with Native Americans to create an authentic and vibrant sound that will capture emotions and hearts. The film score will be worthy of Sacajawea and her journey, as seen through her eyes.

JF: How can people learn more about what you’re doing? Website?

RO: Please;;

JF: Do you have some advice or encouragement for “Dream Catchers” in the entertainment industry?

RO: As artists in the entertainment industry we always have something to say and are eager to give creative expression to our thoughts and ideas. It is equally important to continue to learn and grow. While living in Cleveland, Ohio, I had the privilege to study conducting privately with Jahja Ling, who at that time was the Resident Conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra. This is the advice he left to me…

“The point is to listen, to keep listening.”

JF: Do you know of organizations “Dream Catchers” could utilize to further their careers?

RO: Make sure you are affiliated with a professional music organization (ASCAP). They not only help with publishing and broadcasting rights, but provide many helpful seminars and conferences. Attend local, regional, national, and international film festivals whenever possible.

Dream Catcher Ronald Owen


Windcatcher Production Team

What an amazing team we have around this powerful production. We will soon be adding more talent to this group, so watch for updates very soon!  I just want to thank everyone who has so faithfully supported the feature film production, Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea. Your encouragement and enthusiasm continues to lift us as we step ever closer to our dreams — to HER dream! Someday soon we will all share the life of this brave woman, Sacajawea.

The Windcatcher Team is growing!

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