The story unfolds before our eyes…

While in Canada a few weeks ago, we came across many locations that seemed to rise directly from the Windcatcher screenplay. One day to the next turned the pages of our vision, as we moved from plains to rivers to snow-capped peaks. The story, the journey, literally unfolded before our eyes… it was thrilling to see!

ONWARD! We soar!


Riding the wind in Calgary

Photo by Cam Belseth, photographer

The Canadian Rockies around Calgary, Alberta, presented their most glorious views as some members of the Windcatcher team enjoyed four incredible days of scouting.

Our team fell in love with this enchanted place, not only from the landscapes and snow-capped mountains, but also from the Spiritual energy moving through each of us as eagles and hawks crossed our paths. It was, in itself, an experience we will never forget. Indeed, there will never be another “first meeting.” It was life-changing.


Thank you to Rick Clark, Co-producer; Blaine Ginther, Consulting Producer; Kaaren Ochoa, Director; Gerald Auger, Co-producer/actor;  Chris Ranney, Co-producer/actor; Cylk Cozart, Co-producer; Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Creative Producer/writer. And, those from Canada, Sherrie Rosen, Canadian Grants and Investor Consultant; Ben Clayton, Chief Canadian Consultant; Steve Gillis, 13, Inc. producer; Cam Belseth, videographer/photographer; and, Edsel Hilchie, Calgary Film Commission.

Photo by Cam Belseth, photographer

Our director was truly in her element as she visualized each scene through these glorious landscapes, and how this magnificent epic drama would play out. It was amazing and mesmerizing just watching her work in the wind!

And, so, it begins…. we have felt the energy and power building around the Windcatcher project for several months now. We’ve walked in belief, knowing we don’t understand everything — but also knowing we don’t have to. We only have to believe it is coming to us. The entire team is moving as one, ready to accomplish something grand for Sacajawea, this determined woman of history. Her story truly has a vital importance in our time, and it is absolutely relevant to the entire world.

Artwork by Rick Clark, Co-producer

Watch for our updates coming very soon as we bring this screenplay to life.

Onward! We have no fear.


Give HOPE for Christmas! Pledge to support a dream!


Once again, I want to thank all of you for your monetary support and your “heart” support for this dynamic and worthwhile internship program, Native Youth Film Internship.

Opportunity and talent are two words that can set the world on fire.  But, “Opportunity” is foremost because so many people grow up with amazing talent, Creator-given, yet never have an opportunity to achieve and reach their potential.  When this happens the world misses out.
Sacajawea’s life was lived with disappointment. The opportunities she had as a young woman in her tribe were ripped away from her when she was kidnapped at 12 years old.  Yet, her story is one of Hope, as we move closer to pre-production!  Opening a door for Native American youth is something that truly makes her Spirit soar.

Last week I had a productive and interesting experience meeting with the marketing directors of casinos in north/central California. I was really moved by the interest I saw and was able to retrieve valuable information to help us develop this program into something that is both rewarding for our interns and also for the organizations and individuals who step forward to support them.
Their positive enthusiasm for our concept and goals was filled with accolades and several things stood out as being invaluable to a Native youth who otherwise would never be able to have this experience. 1) Being taught on set by A-list moviemakers, 2) Being able to film a scene for an epic feature film and documentary, 3) Having their names listed in the credits of these international productions, 4) Attending red-carpet and film festival events!
In addition, consensus was, there are just not enough people in this world who are willing to lift up individuals to help them better their lives. Each person I spoke with voiced how they are positive our program will do just that.  They were also thrilled about the feature film production, Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea, saying it is long overdue.
It was your willingness to help with our outreach that made our meetings last week a success. Because of the incredible response we received we are planning to continue our outreach on an ongoing basis, presenting to casinos and corporations all across the country, who have a heart for Hope.
Helping one person can effect change, and in fact, one youth who has a new BELIEF in their path and their talents, will empower the FAITH they need to walk in SELF-CONFIDENCE.  That alone will change the world.  Please know every dollar you give will make a difference.  Thank you.

Human Wisdom…

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope.” ~Alexandre Dumas Père

After returning home to Washington for a short trip to visit with family and friends, I am now eager to get back to Los Angeles. It’s been a great trip and a good time to go since patience is still our main goal as we progress slowly toward pre-production of this epic “Windcatcher” film.

Our work over the last few months has yielded an array of talented people who are eager to support and commit to the project. We are getting close, but are not quite there.

Being in L.A. has presented opportunities and get-togethers with people I never thought I would meet. Doors have opened and A-list talented people are interested.  We are eagerly awaiting the next steps. The Native American community and those close to this story are wonderfully supportive and ready to make it happen. And, the Lewis and Clark historians are enthusiastically on-board to help in any way they can. In a sentence: “The table is set, now everyone must come to tea.”

So, in our patience we ask for your best wishes and continued support for Sacajawea and her amazing story. Thank you all for being with us. If “waiting” and “hoping” are indications of wisdom, well my team and I must be very, very wise!


Climbing the Mountain

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”  ~Edmund Hillary

After writing Windcatcher for four years and pitching it another five, I realized recently that to be fully committed to my dream I had to stretch myself.  It meant leaving my family for a time and taking a huge leap of faith.

Now, if you had known me years ago, this “leap” would have been the last thing I would have done.  I was a home-body, totally content to plant my garden, cook and clean, and write my stories and poems.  I would never have considered taking off on my own to follow my dream.

But, this willingness was a process that started in 1988,  and, ironically, it was Sacajawea’s spirit that was calling me even then.  We lived in Bozeman, Montana, and one Saturday morning (May 20, 1989), I decided to get in the car and head out to Three Forks at the headwaters of the Missouri River —  all alone.  Matthew, my husband,  was encouraging — I think he liked that I was doing something outside the box.  Little did I know that I was about to meet the spirit of this brave woman.

Three Forks was where Sacajawea was kidnapped from her people in about 1800.  I had been fascinated with her all my life, but that stretching of myself to connect to her, was the beginning of where I am today.

I’m sitting here now, writing in my rented room near Los Angeles, CA.  I have met with the most incredibly talented  people  —  people I never, ever thought  I would meet.  I’ve had the warmest conversations and opportunities to share how Sacajawea has inspired me and how this story came to be.  I know this film will be produced for all to see, around the world, because she will have it no other way.  She is pushing me to climb.  It truly is not the “mountain” we conquer, but ourselves.

Matthew continues to look at me with encouragement and unceasingly supports my stretching outside the box. His enlightened mind has been a driving force over the last nine years of this project and he just keeps inspiring me.

I guess this post is a little more personal than the others.  It’s probably because I miss my family.  But, this cause is worthy and my hope is that you will wrap your arms around me because it is, in fact, “we” who will make this happen.

Thank you all so very much.


California or BUST——–

There I was, driving away from my home heading for California – first stop San Francisco, then on to LA. I was embarking on a new, exciting time in my life. I was planning to meet with incredibly talented people interested in Windcatcher, people I never thought I would encounter. I asked myself, “What the heck am I doing?” as tears flooded my eyes. I was leaving my encouraging family in Washington to “go for it!”

I tried to salve my home sickness by saying I was just going down the road, Interstate 5, when something wonderful happened… an eagle flew directly over my car. I watched it ahead of me, and said out loud, “Ah– There you are! I was wondering if you’d join me.”

But, miraculously, that truly was only the beginning…

It took 6 hours to get to Medford, Oregon. The next day, I traveled 6 more hours to San Francisco. Unbelievably, in those 12 hours I saw at least 59 eagles, hawks and other large, soaring birds that crossed directly over my path! That included a beautiful hawk sitting on a fence post, and a Golden Eagle. It was as though they were leading me and I was very comforted.

So, in the spirit of it all, what does this mean? I believe it is just a continued affirmation that Birdwoman, Sacajawea, is with us on this journey, and she will keep leading to the right path. I will be in San Francisco for at least 2 more weeks and then, in August it’s on to LA for who knows how long – until things materialize and all the stars align for greatness!

Thank you for your continued encouragement everyone.

The Windcatcher Soars…

A dusting of snow covered the ground as I approached Fort Hall, Idaho.  It had been over a month since I had visited last and I was eager to present Windcatcher to the Shoshone-Bannock Council.  Our contacts, Leo Ariwite and Public Relations liaison, Randy’l Teton, welcomed me as did Council members.  The goal was to introduce the project and show the respect the production team had for the Council, the Elders and these Native American people, and it was a success.

In addition, I was generously granted a permit to

tour the Fort Hall reservation, and I planned to explore the area the next day, take photos of site locations and develop a deeper respect not only for the history around the area but also for those who gave their lives in wars defending this land.

The first stop was the  Bannock County History Museum in Pocatello.  It was an amazing facility with wonderful history.  There were displays highlighting accomplishments of Council members I’d met the day before

That evening was the most beautiful sunset, a perfect ending to an amazing two days in Idaho, the land of Sacajawea’s people.  It was an enlightening experience and opened my eyes to many things.  My commitment was stronger than ever to making this movie and our finding the funding, which the team is actively pursuing with great connections and powerful filmcontacts.  I”ll update you on our next efforts very soon!  Thank you for following this important journey … we are amazed everyday!

INTERESTING BACKSTORY: On the plane from Seattle to Salt Lake City, I was once again reminded of the spirit behind this project.  I had a middle seat (not my favorite) next to an interesting gentleman.  We exchanged a bit about our destinations and when I told him about Windcatcher he wanted to know more.  Turns out he has a direct connection to this story… he is a descendant of Captain Meriwether Lewis’ family!  What are the chances of me sitting next to him?  It is uncanny how many people I have run into who touch this story in some way.  That’s pretty powerful!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Sacajawea has support from wonderful people!

The Windcatcher Production Team is grateful for the following people who have made it possible for us to meet with the Shoshone tribes.  Their contributions have brought us to this place.  Across America and even around the world, Sacajawea carries her message.  We are fortunate to be working with professional and talented people on this project.  To have the support and inspiration from so many is incredibly powerful.  These generous people are listed on the sponsor page of this website, as well, along with Sacagawea Vinyard in Washington State.

Alessandra Celletti, Italy

Susanne Habeler, Austria

Jeff Kaintwakon, FL/U.S.A.

Joan Brave, WA/U.S.A.

Christy D, PA/ U.S.A.

Jodi I, NC/U.S.A.

Karen A, TX/U.S.A.

Carla Jefferson, PA/U.S.A.

Thank you, all, so very much!

The entire Production Team and Advisors!

“Riding the Wind” to Idaho

We are getting ready for our trip next week to meet the Agai’dika Shoshone-Bannock Council at Fort Hall, Idaho.  This is an important meeting for Windcatcher as we move into the next phase of the project.

In addition, recently we have met with incredibly talented individuals who want to make this movie happen.  And, our funding contacts are intrigued with the potential.  We literally have a tiger by the tail and things are about to take off!

Over the last few months the Windcatcher production team has made some amazing steps through a focused and targeted approach.  We have had wonderful talent lend their contacts and support to the effort, including actors, producers, directors, public relations experts, Native American advisors and financial contacts.   With a powerful vision, and a proactive determination, Sacajawea’s character and life will soon be known.

Again, we want to thank those of you who contributed to our Fort Hall trip.  Your warm encouragement and love for this heroic icon is inspiring.  At this stage, we could not do this without you.  Thank you!

We believe that making this project a “grass roots” effort, involving the people who have a passion for this story, and sharing the journey with all of you gives this project something very, very special.

We will keep you updated as events unfold next week!

We are “Riding the Wind!”



Buffalo Country — Our Second Trip to Idaho!

On December 8th, I will be heading back to buffalo country!

I must send a big “Thank you” to the special people who are helping to make our second trip to Fort Hall, Idaho possible —  “Your dedication to Sacajawea and her story is evident and inspiring, and we appreciate you so very much.”

I will be meeting with the Agai’dika Shoshone Council and Shoshone-Bannock tribes. In addition, I’ll be staying an extra day to scout the area and landscapes, take photos and meet with Shoshone-Bannock movie extras and possible character actors to discuss the Windcatcher project. I’m looking forward to getting to know these wonderful people.

Jane Fitzpatrick and possibly another team member will be attending this important meeting.  Stay tuned for the details – hopefully we won’t get caught in a snowstorm!



Kickstarter: Windcatcher and the Agai’dika Shoshone


She remains a mystery through the ages.
A twelve year old Shoshone girl…
Stolen away and traded to a Frenchman for a gun.
Yet, her mark on history remains…
In the adventure that would birth a nation, she saw a way home.
But, destiny had another plan…
Later, she is known as a heroine, a true visionary.
She is the Birdwoman, dancing in the wind.
She is Sacajawea — the Windcatcher.


WINDCATCHER: The Story of Sacajawea  is an epic feature  film written by Jane L. Fitzpatrick. The project will be completing several phases to secure solid historical backing, support from various communities and Native American input.

PHASE #2: SECOND MEETING WITH THE AGAI’DIKA SHOSHONE — The Windcatcher Production Team is planning a trip to Fort Hall, ID, to meet with the Agai’dika Shoshone, Sacajawea’s people. We will be meeting with Council members and the Cultural Committee, talking about Shoshone traditions, linguistics, and meeting with Agai’dika Shoshone and Pai’nite Bannock actors to bring an authenticity to the production that will be very powerful.

We believe this is of great importance because we are committed to creating a story that is as authentic as possible without losing the dramatic effect of the time period, the Native American traditions, and the character and psyche of a young Shoshone girl, a mother, who endured the world in which she lived.

In addition, we will hopefully be filming some footage for a pre-movie trailer and shooting some of the back-story for later use.




Meeting the Inspiring Lemhi Shoshone People — Sacagawea’s People

A little nervous, and very honored to be meeting Sacagawea’s People, I drove for over 2 hours, listening to Brule’ and watching the breathtaking scenery go by – it was enjoyable and relaxing, the very thing I needed before the meeting.

Every chair in the room was taken. When it was my turn to speak, Leo Ariwite, the Lemhi Shoshone liaison, began by showing a documentary of Sacagawea. It was the perfect segue as it cleared everyone’s mind and heart for Windcatcher.

All the preparation in the world would not have made a difference, because what was required was a passionate and honest “sharing” of how Sacagawea’s spirit was leading this project and how I believed in my soul that I was to protect her story, and bring it to those people who are sincere about making this film in an authentic, non-Hollywood way. This is what was important to the Shoshones, and I truly believe they appreciated the fact that I had come to them asking for their help, their traditional expertise, and their blessing.

There was a genuine excitement filling the room. From the Shoshone Cultural Committee members, elders, and other interested people I felt a surge of energy building around this important project, an energy I had never felt before. I passed out copies of the script, some of us exchanged business cards, and, then I was honored beyond my greatest hope… I was asked to return in a month for a second meeting to make more plans.

I left the group knowing without a doubt I was traveling the right path and the Windcatcher journey had just taken a giant leap. The acceptance received was so moving and their willingness to let me share my heart and vision for the story of Sacagawea was empowering.

Thank you all for your warm encouragement.  We are “Catching the Wind!”


Windcatcher Team to Travel to Idaho!



On October 11, 2011, the Windcatcher production plan will be presented to the Lemhi Shoshone Council and Cultural Committee at Fort Hall, Idaho. Jane Fitzpatrick will be sharing the details of the project and her passion and belief that this story is extremely important  to Native Americans and all Americans.

The Lemhi Shoshone and the Eastern Shoshone are Sacagawea’s people.  Through Jane, the Windcatcher Team will be honored to meet with the Lemhi’s next week, and will cherish their “Blessing” for this inspiring project.

For more information about the Shoshone-Bannock tribes click here: Fort Hall

We will update you on these events next week!