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We have developed this program around two important projects that center on the life of Sacajawea. We’re looking for at least 40 talented young people, who are serious about their dreams in film and have the drive to make it happen through a once-in-a-lifetime internship with A-list professionals.  They’ll help make the magic for these dynamic projects.

WIndcatcher poster 5 2016Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea, Epic Feature Film by writer/creative producer Jane L. Fitzpatrick, directed/produced by Kaaren Ochoa, produced by Rick Clark, Chris Ranney, Blaine Ginther, Gerald Auger and Susan Funk. The film is an Adventure/Drama based on the life of Sacajawea and inspired by the journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. It tells the story of this woman with all its joy and pain and why she stands the test of time to remain one of the most respected icons of American history. PROJECT CODE: 4488





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JOURNEY of a Windcatcher, a Documentary by Jane L. Fitzpatrick. This documentary for dreamers will go deeper into Sacajawea’s life and how spirit is part of the journey to make the incredible Windcatcher feature film. It will show how lives have intersected along the path, and how the words of the script reveal a Native message — calling us together as One people on this Earth. We will see there is much more to Sacajawea’s story than the history — and we will dare to tell it. PROJECT CODE: 2424


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