Our producers are devoted to this story and include Native Americans who cherish this brave woman of our country’s history.  We are building a dynamic team and will be bringing on those producers, over the next few months, who truly have a heart for this awesome production.

Kaaren F. Ochoa, Award-winning Director/Producer

Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Executive Producer/Writer

Rick Clark, Executive Producer

Cylk Cozart, Executive Producer

Chris Ranney, Co-Producer

Gerald Auger, Award-winning Co-Producer

Georgina Lightning, Award-winning Co-Producer

Susan Funk, Co-Producer

Blaine C. Ginther, Consulting Producer


Associated Documentaries:

JOURNEY of a Windcatcher: Georgina Lightning, Director/Producer; Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Writer/Producer

In Search of Sacajawea: Shelby F. Elwood, Director/Writer/Producer; Kaaren F. Ochoa, Writer/Producer; Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Writer/Producer

The Making of Windcatcher: Kaaren F. Ochoa, Director/Writer/Producer; Jane L. Fitzpatrick, Writer/Producer




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  1. gary dewitt

    I may be jumping the gun here, but I would like to submit a resume for what appears to be a serious, important production.

    I have worked as a construction foreman and construction coordinator on since 1982 on such films as Iceman, Year of the Dragon and Snow Falling on Cedars. I recently was employed by the film 21 and Over (now in post production) as construction coordinator.

    I would like to submit a full resume to your production office if and when appropriate.

    Thanks and good luck

    gary deWitt

    October 22, 2011 at 5:13 pm

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